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Automatic Guided Vehicle

automatic guided vehicle
automated guided vehicle
automatic guided vehicle
automatic guided vehicle
Basic function:Latent traction.
Guidance mode:Magnetic navigation
Walking direction:Forward/Backward/Turn left/Turn right
Drive mode:2WD
Way of determining its position:RFID landmark card
Loading capacity(traction):About 500kg
Horizontal traction:500 KG
Climbing ability:Less than 3°
Minimum turning radius:R 450MM(not contain material cart)
Linear guide precision:±10mm
Stop accuracy:±10mm
Dimension:Length 1300mm,Width 420mm,Height 320mm.
Motor:Type-Brushless DC motor,Output power-100W x 4.
Control way:Microcomputer control
Driving module:Driving Wheel-Φ130 Polyurethane,Mode of Drive-Chain Drive.
Function:Obstacle Detection- 0~3M Detection Distance,Anti-collision switch- Equiped,Overload Protection- Equiped,Signal Lamp-Red/yellow/green three colors to be chosen,Music Speaker- Five kinds of sounds to be chosen,voltmeter Show the current power,Appointed Destination-Up to 300 site Settings,Traffic control items-Optional,Abnormity warning -Equiped(music speaker and signal lamp),Emergency Stop Switches- Equiped,Operating button- Start/STOP/AUTO/RESET/FORWARD/BACKWARD, User-Machine Interface - LCD display and touch-screen input,Drive unit lifting- Equiped
Accumulator: DC24V、40AH
Charge mode: Offline charging/automatic charging
To reduce the operating cost
Intelligent process flow control
Safety at multiple levels
Reduce dependency on labour
High level accuracy
Faster execution of work-reliable 24/7 operation
Automotive: For transport of motor, axle, car body etc.
Food and Beverages: For transport of products like drinks, cereals, candy, snack foods, packaging material etc.
Chemicals: To carry hazardous chemicals.
Furniture: For transport of home, office furniture products.
Discrete manufacturing items.
Distribution and logistics Industries.
Hospitals: To carry materials like meals, linen, drugs, waste, beds etc.
Tissue: For moving tissue rolls, packaging boxes etc.
Paper and Printing: Transport of raw materials such as paper, carton and boards.
Textiles: For moving different clothing materials like raw material to finished goods