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CCTV (Closed - Circuit Television) is also known as video surveillance, where the video cameras are used to transmit signal to a specific place to record/monitor for security and vigilance. Over the years Video Surveillance has evolved and adopted new technology such as IP based Video Surveillance. This has brought convenience and ease of use for many customers with the added security and more value for money. IP based Video Surveillance technology is widely used for surveillance in areas that may need monitoring such as banks, industries, airports, military installations, traffic monitoring, transport safety, crime prevention etc. Compucare has been in the forefront of providing the latest IP based Video Surveillance System. Compucare has secured the premises of major industries like L&T, ABB, Hypercity Retail India, Aditya Birla Group, INOX Multiplex, Hitachi and many others with our video surveillance solutions.

Our Clients


M/S Compucare has provided more than 70 in number Biometric Attendance System, Canteen Management System and 110 in number CCTV Cameras. We are satisfied with their services and excellent support provided Whenever required. They have also given all necessary technical assistance, when ever needed. Their intention for absolute customer satisfaction is appreciated and they have always demonstrated the same by fulfilling our requirements, urgent or planned. We wish them good luck in their future endeavours.

S Bhatnagar: L & T

We are pleased to issue this letter as a token of admiration to M/S Compucare, Vadodara for the execution of IP Surveillance at our Laboratory, Vadodara. We are satisfied with the product quality, in time support and prompt service provided by M/S Compucare whenever needed.

Joint Commissioner (Testing): Food & Drugs Laboratory

This is to certify that M/S Compucare , Vadodara has supplied us a CCTV system compromising of 3 nos of camera & 1 no 4 chanel DVR (Digital Video Recorder). All 3 nos of camera along with DVR commissioned on 31-08-2011. Completed system is working satisfactorily. We are also satisfied with after sales services provided by M/S Compucare.

U C Trivedi (Joint Director): ERDA

We are very happy with their performance in terms of product quality, delivery and on time support. The order worth 35+Lakhs have been given to them and investments on the projects have started paying back in terms of productivity and security to organization.

Abdulla Fatiya (GM - IT): @HOME

This is to certify that Compucare has supplied us a CCTV system comprising of 6 nos of camera and 1 no 16 channel DVR(Digital Video Recorder). All 6 Nos of camera along with DVR commissioned on 15-11-2010. Complete system is working satisfactorily. We are also satisfied with after sales services provided by M/S Compucare.

Pankaj Minare (Manager): Shriram alkali & chemicals


Beenita Chauhan,

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