How can we elaborate on the Attendance Management System

How can we elaborate on the Attendance Management System? 

 Attendance Management is the most vital job of the HR department in each type of industry whether it’s a manufacturing industry, food industry, textile industry, real estate industry, mining industry, or FMCG. As every company must follow some rules and regulations regarding employment like the Factory Act, Minimum Wages Act to count total working hours & overtime – compensatory day off policies for maintaining great work environment culture at the organization. So, Efficient Attendance Management is the key requirement to maintaining a healthy work-life relationship between employees and the organization.  

What makes the Attendance Management System a crucial requirement for any Organization?  

Whether your organization is large-scale, medium-scale or small-scale Attendance Management is an inherent requirement despite the size. What are your company’s biggest assets? Men, Machine & Material. So, when Employees are included in must require asset managing their attendance wisely & analyzing it for better results is needed work to be done every day by the HR Department. Attendance management is not only required to increase productivity but also for wages.  

Which features should be included by every idle Attendance Management System?  

Evolution made from Manual Attendance entry register to biometric attendance machine. When we are talking about attendance management, we should be aware that it is only useful when the attendance management system is working in real-time. Today we are in the era of Cloud-based Attendance Management systems with a geofencing mechanism that allows employees to register attendance on the go. Data of Attendance can be stored safely on Cloud and it’s also possible to direct the integration of Attendance Software with the Payroll System. 

Nowadays so many organizations realize how important Attendance Management Software is and that’s economical too.  

Here features of the Latest Management System are listed: 

Core HR 

  • Manage company details with unlimited dynamic fields 
  • Manage locations and sub-locations 
  • Manage departments and sub-departments 
  • Add admin with access rights 
  • Add unlimited designations 
  • Configure employee form with unlimited dynamic fields 

Attendance Policy 

  •   Create a company, location, department, and employee wise attendance policy 
  •  Advanced overtime policy 
  •  Advanced compensatory off policy 

Leave Management 

  •   Create unlimited leaves and leave groups 
  •  Advanced leave group policies 
  •  Create leave policies for new joiners, trainees, and full-time employees 
  •  Create variable leaves 
  •  Credit advanced periodic leaves 
  •  Create gender-specific leaves 
  •  Advanced leave combination settings 
  •  Create sandwich leaves 
  •  Advanced leave carry forward settings 
  •  Add leave encashment limits 

Holiday Management 

  •   Advanced holiday settings 
  •  Manage company, location, department, and employee category wise holidays 

Shift Management 

  •   Advanced shift builder 
  •  Create flexible shifts 
  •  Work from home policy 
  •  Hybrid workspace management 
  •  Manage shift wise attendance rules 
  •  Manage shift wise punch in/out rules 
  •  Advanced break settings 
  •  Advanced shift wise overtime rules 
  •  Add location-wise shifts 

Schedule Management 

  •   Manage advanced shift schedules for locations, departments, and employees 
  •  Create weekly and monthly shift cycles 
  •  Create rotational shifts 
  •  Set auto-shift policy 

User Management 

  •   Give user and management level access 
  •  Manage mobile app access for all users 
  •  Advanced application approval settings 
  •  Apply for leaves, missed punches, convert OT to C-Off, work from home, C-Off and tours 
  •  Allow tour check-in 
  •  Set up auto approvals for tour check-in 
  •  Advanced manual attendance correction 
  •  Set attendance locks for payroll 
  •  Manage to leave accrual ledger 
  •  Manage temporary and permanent shift changes 
  •  Manage temporary and permanent department changes 

Biometric Device Management 

  •   View real-time punches 
  •  Manage attendance devices 
  •  Integrate with supported third party machine vendors 
  •  Transfer and copy users from different machines 
  •  Transfer and copy finger, face, palm, pin and card profiles 
  •  Manage device attendance logs 
  •  Manage user transfer logs 


  •   Employee attendance KPIs 
  •  Birthdays and anniversaries 
  •  Analyze leave application trends 
  •  Department wise attendance overview 


 Let’s have an Overview of the Advantages of Modern Attendance Systems: 

Seamless integration 

 As every company requires data on the presence of employees for the calculation of wedges, the Modern Attendance management system should directly integrate with the payroll system for automating salary calculations. 

 Reliable Cost 

Modern Attendance System reduces so many hectic tasks of managing Attendance but at the same time, it never should be too costly. In the market, there are available solutions that are pocket-friendly too.  

 Data security and safety  

In the latest Attendance Management System Software, one can store data safely in Cloud.  The attendance System can effectively integrate with different biometric devices.  

 One such Solution is Tempus Suite in which you can get different modules like Tempus Central (A centralized application for managing your human capital), Tempus People (Enable your employees with Tempus People), Tempus Canteen (Finally, you can stop worrying about your canteen management), Tempus Contractor (All your contractors at one place), Tempus Visitor (Automate & Simplify your Visitor Management System), Tempus Device (Monitor check-in and check out of your employees). In this Attendance Management System, you can take benefit of all the above-mentioned features with minimal cost & the best service.  

By using Tempus Central & Tempus People you get the benefit of: 

  • Cloud Base Web Application 
  • Auto Downloading Data within 2-3 Seconds 
  • Bulk Excel Upload Facility 
  • Leave / Tours/ Coff/ Gate pass applications for employees 
  • Mail Notification to Managing Authority regarding Employee’s Application 
  • 3 Level Reporting Group Authority regarding Employee’s Application 
  • Attendance Lock Facility available for Payroll 
  • Mobile Application Available 
  • Check-In/ Check-Out Using Geo Tracking 
  • Complete Security check regarding Employee’s Attendance from his registered number 
  • Flexible Shift Schedule – Daily Shift Change / Duration wise Shift Change Possible 
  • Temporary / Permanent Department Change Facility 
  • The policy can set Employee wise/ Shift wise/ Company-wise 
  • Employees can apply for Shift Change 
  • Employees can see their Attendance Report 
  • Timesheet to display Check-in & check out time 
  • Admin can share News/ Thoughts using Software 

 Summary of Latest Attendance Management System: 

 For best management decisions, the organization should keep an eye on data received from Attendance Management Software. HR Department gets an overview of employee’s punctuality & regularity by monitoring reports in just a few clicks. It’s the best option to generate complex attendance & shift policies effectively with the best accuracy & simplicity.