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PA System : Microphone

plena Voice alaram call station
The Plena call station is a stylish, high-quality call station with a stable metal base design, a flexible microphone stem and a unidirectional condenser microphone. It can make calls to selected zones (one to six and all-call) in a public address system built with the Plena Voice alarm System.
Stylish six-zone call station for the Voice Alarm System
Six zone selection keys, all-call key and momentary PTT-key for calls
Selectable gain, speech filter, limiter, and output level for improved intelligibility
LED indications for zone selection, fault, and emergency state
Call station extension provides seven additional zone and zone group keys
Omini micro phone
The LBB 9080/00 handheld microphone is designed for close talking applications, and is ideal for short announcements.
Excellent speech reproduction
Rugged construction
Easy to handle
Remote switching contact
Close talking applications
wireless microphone
The MW1-LTX-F1 and MW1-LTX-F2 wireless belt-pack transmitters are part of the Bosch wireless microphone system. The complete system consists of a microphone receiver (MW1-RX-F1 or MW1-RX-F2), a wireless belt-pack transmitter with clip-on lavalier microphone (MW1-LTX-F1 or MW1-LTX-F2), a wireless handheld microphone (MW1-HTX-F1 or MW1-HTX-F2).
193 selectable UHF channels
PLL synthesized technology
LCD with battery status and frequency indication
Lock function
Approximately 15 hours operation on alkaline batteries