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    HR PLANET, Web-based Time Management Software allows the managers to view their own timesheet, a particular staff member's timesheet, or the timesheet for the entire company via the internet. This gives managers the advantage of being out of town but still being able to see the streamlined activity in the office.

    time management software

    Key Modules

    • Leave Application & Approval
    • Recruitment Management
    • Over Time Application & Approval
    • C-Off Application & Approval
    • MIS Punch Application & Approval
    • W-Off/ Shift Change Application & Approval

    Key Features

    • 24/7 Fully Hosted Web Application
    • Employee Information Management
    • Performance Management
    • In Out Punch Online
    • Email Notification
    • Leave Records
    • Realtime Graphical Reports
    • Daily Resource Tasks
    • Daily Reports, Monthly Reports, Yearly Reports

    Key Benefits

    • Employees can check in and out time online
    • System can be configured for each individual’s working hours and overtime arrangement
    • Able to provide periodic summary reports to show total hours worked and total over time hours
    • Detailed report to show the hours worked by each employee
    • Applicant and approving officer both can see the complete leave records and approval history        respectively
    • Paperless work
    • Trouble-free leave management

    Time is our business and TEMPUS CENTRAL is our skill that results in the most effective use of Employee's Time. Get organized and take control of your time. Compucare's time office system is a software that allows easy and efficient control of attendance and punctuality of all Employee's within a Company. It also has computer based finger print time clock facility.

    This software supports various time events mechanisms like In/Out time, Break Time, Inter Site Travel time and Off Site Work time. Time office has the features of Manpower Planning, Leave Management, Shift Management, Overtime Management and Reporting Tool. This biometric system has helped us streamline attendance system across all of our plants and has reduced the cost while bringing in more transparency.

    time and attendance software

    Key Modules

    • Attendance Calculation
    • Leave Application
    • Over Time Application
    • C-Off Application
    • MIS Punch Application
    • W-Off/ Shift Change Application

    Key Features

    • User Friendly Appearance
    • Allows Administrator to View & Modify Database
    • Provides Multi Location System
    • Flexible Shift Timing can be Defined
    • Trouble-Free Adjustments for Week off
    • Easy Data Processing With Less Time
    • Daily reports, Monthly reports, Yearly reports
    • Over Time Policy Setup
    • MIS Punch Correction Facility
    • Auto Shift and Rotational Shift Facility
    • User wise Policy Setup

    Key Benefits

    • Reduces payroll processing cost
    • Saves time for approval process
    • Reduces time needed to calculate and process payroll
    • Reduces time needed to verify attendance data
    • Time wasted in calculating work hours and other human errors can be saved
    • Helps in company rounding rules and policies for multiple shifts and departments
  • Visitor Management Software

    Compucare offers V-Prog Visitor Management System which helps in security check-in and provides great facilities as it keeps tracking the visitors in your premises. V-Prog helps you to improve visitor check-in and ckeck-out process. Using this system, you will be able to track visitor's records easily with digital photograph and signature.

    Empower your security: Visitor management tool for enhancing validation and verification of visitors, Blacklisting of unauthorized visitor.

    History: Using this tool you can track visitor history easily.

    Time saver: Using Pre-registration web module you can register appointment also. Barcode based faster sign in and sign out, business card scanning for faster registration.

    Add-On: MS outlook, Access control system for door authorization, active directory integration.

    Notification: Employees are notified upon guest arrival via a text message or email if desired.

    Material tracking: You can manage returnable material entry and keep track of all material history.

    Documentation: You can upload multiple scan documents for reference, visitor gate pass printing facility with company logo, visitor badge printing.

    Data Analysis and Reports: Dashboard provides you live data analysis and using these various reports you can generate statistical analysis also.

    Scheduled email: Daily reports via email to security in charge.

    visitor management system

    Sr. No. Visitor Management Features Basic Enterprise Ultimate
    1 Gate Pass Facility
    2 Appointment Facility
    3 Capture Personal Info
    4 Select Person to be Visited
    5 Record of Visitor Info With Photograph
    6 Automatically Prints a Professional Pass With Company, Logo, Visitor Photograph
    7 Tracking Visitors In/Out Timings
    8 Daily Report
    9 Monthly Report
    10 Master Reports
    11 Block Visitor Report
    12 Email Facility for Visitor Arrival Intimation
    13 Block Visitor Facility
    14 Identity Proof Document Upload Facility
    15 Dashboard For Visitor Summary (Graphical Reports)
    16 SMS Facility For Visitor Arrival Intimation
    17 Client Server Facility
    18 Appointment Through Web
    19 HOD / Security Head Advance Approval For Appointment
    20 Barcoded Gatepass
    21 Fingerprint Registeration For Visitors
  • Canteen Management Software

    Compucare gives the facility of Canteen Management System through card reader. The usage of the canteen by the employees can be seen in report. It is also compatible with multiple caterers operate in a closed environment and at multiple locations too.

    canteen management system

    Key Features

    • Selection of multiple items at a time is possible
    • Manual entry option is available
    • Different types of summary report can be generated
    • Easy data processing

    Key Benefits

    • No food coupons
    • No calculation error
    • No human interface
    • No need to process data
    • Easy & accurate calculation
  • Best Payroll Management Software

    While most businesses recognize the need and importance of using a professional Best Payroll Software to manage the company's payroll, Compucare provides this facility of Payrolls Software. Payroll Software is application software of compucare's time office software. Payroll Software automatically generates reports after getting data from Compucare's Time Office Software.

    Compucare's payroll software has this unique ability to work for the small organization as well as for the large enterprise. It does this with simplicity and user-friendly way so that you don't get drowned in complicated menus or screens. It scales up as your business grows.

    best payroll software

    Key Modules

    • Salary Calculation
    • Over Time Calculation
    • Gratuity/Bonus Calculation
    • Loan/Advance Facility
    • Customized Earning & Deduction Facility
    • Dynamic Formula Creation
    • Tax Calculation

    Key Benefits

    • Reduces Payroll Processing Cost
    • Reduces the time needed to calculate and process payroll
    • With automatic detection function, system can retrieve a specific date or time of each visit
    • No human error
    • Helps in the process of company rounding rules and policies for multiple shifts and departments
  • Head Counting Software

    Head Count Software is used to know how many employees are there in your premises at any point of time.

    It helps to take precautionary steps at the time of emergency. This software software can also be used to know how much strength you have at particular time at particular location. There are other features like you can display greetings on the screen and news related to company.

    headcount software

    Key Benefits

    • Can easily be integrated with our time attendance system
    • Can easily track the employees inside the premises
    • Can generate department wise reports directly
    • No need to process data
    • Online data downloading