Complete Wireless Solution

Preservation of Time & Resources with Enhanced Output

Greater Transparency

Greater Order and target planning

Data entry is real-time and automatic

Reduced human errors

Motivate your production teams with goals

Easy Labor ROI & efficiency monitoring

Smart Monitoring for Smart Manufacturing

Compucare’s Effy Production Monitoring System (PMS) will keep track of your production/assembly line in real time. It enables real-time visibility, control and analysis of production processes and assets from multiple sites at the same time. Our real time production monitoring system can be tailored to specific client requirements and acts as an invaluable asset for factory owners and operators.


Smart Dashboard
Effy’s real time dashboard displays critical information of your production line. Our production monitoring display system enables you to take quicker, smarter and accurate decisions from the production display board itself, like identifying the bottlenecks on the line.
Automated Reports & Alerts
From summarized reports to categorically bifurcated reports our Effy software does it all! It also notifies you via SMS or Email, in case of issues keeps you updated with your production status.
Machine & Product Setup
Effy allows you to configure your machines & products with various cycle time inputs and machine setup times. It takes care of your Machine Availability and Performance data for OEE Calculation.
Versatile location Setup
You can create a complete hierarchy of multiple locations to clearly identify your production throughputs from Country up to production lines and machine levels, with utmost efficiency

Technical Diagram

Powered By Effy

The underlying algorithms to run our production monitoring system are performed by our state of the art Industrial IoT platform, effy.

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