Access Control

Let wonders happen to your companies with biometric access control systems, with Face Recognition and Fingerprint machines, which can also store, detect, and verify human temperatures.

Range and Capacity

Save up to 1500 human faces with 500000 records along with 5000 users, fingerprints, and ID Cards. Measure temperatures from distance of 3 to 5 cm with building access control systems

Access and Attendance

An inbuilt electric lock for third parties and a sharp alarm system can keep away unauthorized persons from tampering. Also Syncs with computer systems, maintaining attendance records of the workers with commercial building access control systems

Connectivity and Integration

Wi-Fi, GPRS, or 3G connectivity. Integrated with Desktops/PCs, digital door locks, as well as attendance management systems.

Alarms and Verification

Equipped with a duress alarm, tamper alarm, record limit alarm, and an illegal door opening alarm. Maintenance management solutions enables you to feed-in verification records using face recognition, fingerprint sensor, card reader, and pin generator.

Head Count

Keep a perfect count of the number of employees and recruits working at your organization with our best in class product – the Head Count! You’ll never lose the track of the quantum of your workforce.

Impeccable Automatic Counting

Automatically maintains and displays real-time records of the number of walk ins and walkouts at your premises.

Instant Report Generation

Detailed reporting can be done to comply with safety audit requirements and also in case of multiple locations/buildings.

Access Control & Monitoring Enabled

Easily integrated with our Tempus products as well as access control system to provide you an edge when it comes to tracking the number of people working at your industrial premise.

Online Data Export Facility

Knowing the accurate number helps in aiding precautionary measures in case of emergency like evacuating the premises or analysing the security threat.

Security Systems

Boom Barriers

Smart responsive boom barriers meant for industrial and commercial vicinities for security requirements. Ability to integrate with security cameras which helps to verify visitors at the entry point itself. It facilitates you with complete control over the entry and exits of your property.

Tripod Turnstiles

Customizable Tripod turnstiles can be scheduled under specific modes and can be selectively activated at the required times. Such bespoke usage can be achieved by integrating it with your access control systems or software applications.

CCTV Solutions

We deliver a wide array of CCTV products to suit wide-ranging personalized requisites of our clients. It includes Dome, Bullet, PTZ, NVR, and Inspection cameras.

Public Announcement Systems

Highly durable announcement systems which can be integrated with our biometric machines, access control or head count for boosting security. You can also raise alerts or announce a general message with ease and convenience.

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