Real-time Tracking of Utilities and Consumption

Efficiently plan Operational Energy Consumption

Avoid overuse of your utilities

Online reporting from anywhere, at any time

Easy Integration with ERP systems

Improvised EOQ (Economic Order Quantity)


One software for all production analysis
Virtual production line monitoring
Monitor OEE in real time for each shift, line and machine
Greater Order and target planning
Keep a track of your 6 Big Lossestic
Data entry is real-time and automatic

Monitor Consumption with Precision

There is a growing need for production efficiency and reduction in consumption which can be achieved through - Effy Utility Monitoring and Control System! It brings online the entire machine consumption in terms of water and energy. This real time utility monitoring solution works with IoT based smart gadgets. It gives you the power to analyze consumption patterns over time, giving you deeper insights for improvement.


Smart Dashboard
Your live Utility software dashboard consists of data pertaining to overall energy consumption, efficiency, productivity, machine status, and a lot of other facets.
Automated Reports
You can have all kinds of reports based on particular machines, production lines, plant locations, and so on. This way you can keep a track of all the costs incurred against the energy, water, and other resources consumed.
Consumption Accounting
Our IIoT driven solution also calculates and generates automated bill which eanables you to take timely actions for your resource consumption.
Auto Alerts and Notifications
You’ll always be notified promptly whenever consumption exceeds a certain limit. This software triggers an alarm and sends alerts in the form of an auto-mail or SMS whenever the consumption exceeds a certain limit.

Technical Diagram

Powered By Effy

All utility data is gathered and computed by our well integrated software platform,
Effy. This allows you to relate utility consumption to your overall production.

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