Slide Environmental Health &
Safety Display
01. Get personalized display boards with custom data accumulation. We can coordinate with your health, safety, & environmental coordinator, to come-up with the most comprehensive display solutions which are legally compliant as per NGT & CPCB. Indoor & Outdoor Solutions Easy System Integration Accurate Parameters Environmental, Health & Safety Display
Slide Accidental Display 02. From basic anti-accidental instructions and preventive measures to other custom safety factors, we strike a wave of safety awareness amidst the factory premises. Our Accidental display solutions come with an extensive range of possibilities. Prompt and Clear Alerts Area-wise Safety Warnings Absolute Caution Accidental Display Board Slide Emergency Response Team 03. Our ERT display is always on its toes in emergency situations. Whether it’s the Firefighters, the first-aid team, or any other emergency squad - our Emergency display boards can exhibit the names, shifts, details regarding presence/absence, and other relevant information as you may desire. Multiple Teams’ Data Flawless Industrial Disaster Management Real-Time Attendance Status Slide Production Display 04. Right at the ground-level of your manufacturing units, your on-site teams can view daily production targets. It showcases worthwhile facets, which can help you in analyzing, managing, and achieving production targets. Attentive Workmen Approach Target-oriented Operations Productive Outcomes Production Display Board Slide Industrial Digital Clock 05. Our high-quality smart industrial digital clocks come with features like readability as well as adaptability to different time zones and time formats. These can be integrated with your systems as per your industrial requirements and purposes. Synchronized Time System Immaculate Visibility Operational Consistency Digital Clock Slide Customized Integrated Display Solutions 06. Be it accident prevention, environmental concerns, or any other general information updates – we can provide you with completely customized LED display solutions. On request, we can deliver useful display solutions which meet your bespoke industrial requisites Client-centric Data Accumulation High-range Visibility Client-oriented Variety Customized Display Boards