Attendance Management System: Features & Benefits

Attendance Management Systems equates to an intelligent workplace which is a hallmark of our technologically advanced era. So, it is no surprise that most businesses are turning to attendance management systems as new methods emerge to make staff management simpler and more efficient. Providing site access, recording attendance, enhancing productivity, and raising responsibility from all users are all possible uses for the system. As a result, it’s critical to choose the correct sort of system to guarantee that you obtain all you require.
Fingerprint recognition technologies are the most used attendance systems; however, the current pandemic has raised concerns about systems that need physical touch. A contactless face detection clocking system eliminates any physical connection between man as well as the face detection machine.

attendance management system


Choose an Attendance Management Machine as per your Business.


The security standards of each business vary based on the strength of its workers and the kind of premises. Using a good face attendance machine may save your business both time and money. There are many different types of attendance management systems, but not all of them will meet your business needs.

Workers and the business both benefit from a face reader attendance machine. It assists the management in keeping track of workers’ precise working time. Workers, on the other side, are motivated to be punctual and more professional, which improves their productivity.

Small businesses’ attendance management systems differ from those used by bigger businesses. Each must determine if it needs a positive or negative face attendance machine. The negative time attendance machine just keeps track of attendance and ignores working time. This form of biometric face attendance machine is excellent for typical office occupations that have cycles of 6 to 9 hrs.

A positive face reader attendance machine, on the contrary, accounts for each and every hour of work. This form of an attendance tracking system is commonly used in industrial units to determine each worker’s productivity.


Features of a Face Attendance Machine:


1. Increased security through Access control

Attendance management systems, in addition to time tracking or management, can be utilized for security reasons, such as limiting non-authorized employees from entering restricted sections of the premises. These machines have built-in access control features. An integrated system increases the employee’s performance as well as safety.

2. Built-in employee capacity for growth

Even if your business just might have a few employees, an attendance system with face detection can save and analyze a great number of patterns (biometrics, facial, hands). While your business continues to expand, the system will be able to register additional employees.

3. Internet Connectivity

These biometric face attendance machines can connect to the internet. Employee check-in and check-out times are transferred to the attendance and Human resources payroll system via scanners. Internet access is essential when it refers to upgrading the system and maintaining it bug-free in the long term.

4. Fast Identification process

The effectiveness of a biometric face attendance machine is measured by the time it takes for the device to identify the person. These systems can perform face detections in a split second and send the information to a database for a reliable attendance management system.

5. Payroll Management System Implementation

The system’s intelligence is critical for enhancing the efficiency of Human resource payroll administration systems. Employee’s face attendance management system’s data makes it simpler for the HR staff to calculate employee wages promptly and accurately. These systems can communicate data straight to the HR payroll system, making payroll calculations easier.


How does a Biometric Face Attendance Machine work?


The installation of a biometric face attendance machine that uses face detection would allow manufacturing and office workers’ timings to be tracked. The face reader attendance machine works by digitally mapping and tracing the nodes of an employee’s face and storing the data with the name of that person.

At the initial setup of this device, there is a simple procedure that must be followed to ensure that all of the records from a group of employees are fed into a single system that can be made accessible to run the face detection tests. A photograph must first be taken with a camera. This is done to make sure that future scanning will come up with something to match against.



i) Has Mobile Features to give remote access

Employees who are outside the workplace may still check in and out using an attendance machine with face detection since they have mobile apps for employees. This is ideal for businesses where staff is constantly in corporate vehicles delivering goods or making home visits. Even though they are removed from management’s views, you will indeed be able to watch their time on the work and ensure that they are not misusing the timesheet.

ii) Increased Safety

An attendance machine with face detection relies on biological credentials that are difficult to duplicate. As a result, no trespasser or individual without authorization is allowed entrance to the premises. In terms of safeguarding resources and information, this resolves the business’s security challenges. It also provides employees with a sense of safety.

iii) No proxy

One of the really huge benefits of a biometric face attendance machine has been that it prevents password forgery or duplication. As a result, no proxy records can be made.

iv) Increased productivity and credibility

Face detection attendance machines are also applied in auditing to measure productivity over a set period. Biometric access control and attendance management systems are examples of systems that produce reliable statistics. This increases credibility by making staff aware of the necessity of being punctual.

The attendance management system serves as a reminder that attendance and work hours are being logged consistently. This encourages employees to work more efficiently and be efficient with their time.

v) A smart system that scans through Masks and other accessories

Face attendance machine systems are not reliant on a few facial traits, but rather on several data points to recognize a face. As a result, these systems can detect face masks and recognize persons without lowering the mask or altering facial characteristics such as beards or glasses. Employees do not have to remove their masks, which is a significant benefit above any other biometric method. Modern attendance management systems include very precise face recognition systems that can detect changes in facial characteristics such as spectacles, beards, and hats, among other things.

In the pandemic period, face attendance management systems have become modern necessities that are essential. These solutions ensure that employees’ attendance is precise while also saving money. A system like this also offers an extra degree of protection to the business. The finest modern approach for monitoring employee time is facial recognition software.

If your company still uses a fingerprint attendance management system, it’s time to make the switch to a face detection attendance system.