Trends in manufacturing industry 2021

The year 2020 was a disaster for everyone be it a businessperson or a salaried person. It left an impact on each sector, while the manufacturing industry got affected the most during the pandemic year.     To grab opportunities for your business you need to know the trends in the manufacturing industry. This can help your business speed up to get back and running.    Trends that boost manufacturing industry in 2021,   
1. Employee’s health and safety
  Employee’s health and safety is always the matter of focus for all industries. And some improvements are taking place with time. Like safety shoes, safety goggles, jackets etc. were made mandatory. It’s good that companies provide internal safety components but that’s not enough. Apart from this, some measurable things need to be brought to notice. There is data of who got injured, but there is no accurate data of why someone got injured, in which department, at which time, how many, etc.     So, why should these things be included in employees’ health and safety? Because there is one simple reason that if data related to these things are stored, then companies will get to know the actual reason of injury of each, and every employee and it can be controlled.    Installing the Health and Safety Display Board to track accurate data is one solution which companies can adopt as it is also mandatory by the government.   
2. Smart Manufacturing 
  What if machines let operators and engineers know about the problem? Yes, in today’s industry 4.0 world, it is possible.  Now a days, machines are automated in their process. The Internet of Things has made it possible for machines to talk with machines.     If you are a manufacturer then you should be aware of the issues in your factory facility like production breakdown, downtime, total operating hours etc. Knowing the issue at the earliest and solving it in less time will reduce the downtime.    When an issue related to machines arises, normally it takes longer time to just identify the issue. Because this is manual process where operator finds the problem, and then inform concerned operator/engineer about it and then it gets solved. This is a very lengthy process and very time consuming too. Due to more consumption of time productivity and efficiency decreases as it results in a waste of workforce hours. This is the reason the manufacturing process could not run as smooth as expected.     ANDON system solves this problem. ANDON system is a great example of Smart Manufacturing Unit. It identifies the issue and notifies it to the concerned department in no time. It also records the downtime and communicates it to management via SMS or Email in real time for them to take action immediately, if it does not get solved in ideal downtime.    
3. Digital Connectivity
  Digital Connectivity makes machines smarter. Digital connectivity between object, system and application makes things easy. When a machine operates through Industrial Internet of things (IIOT), it will get more intelligent and efficient, and ideas will get real.     Notable example of digital connectivity is a production monitoring system. Many companies are already using Production monitoring systems for tracing their production data in real time. It not only tracks target, actual and gap in the production but also generates MIS reports. Production Monitoring System when integrated with MES (Manufacturing Execution System) the live dashboard is available which calculates the efficiency of the production line and most importantly it calculates the OEE which is must for each manufacturer for better planning and take decisions.   
4. Operate Green in Manufacturing 
  Pollution through production has been a concern from the start of industrialization till now. Pollution has increased to such an extent that the government is also now concerned and has formed strict pollution rules for manufacturing industries.    Whether or not each factory is following guidelines, the government and even top management of a company need to stay aware. For this, installing the Pollution parameter display, Safety Parameter display and Environmental, Health and Safety display is the best resort.    The digital display of each parameter on a single screen makes it easy for the manufacturing unit to stay updated. It not only displays data but can also feed real time data directly from machines or government portal.   
5. Frontline Employees (related to tempus) 
  Let us talk about the trend related to employees. Employees and workers are the main and important assets of each company. The company needs to take care of its employees. Many companies offer different benefits so that employees can keep a record of their work and time. But wait, that’s not enough, there also comes responsibility from employees’ side as well. If employees and workers are not punctual and if the management cannot record their impunctuality it results in inefficiency.     With advanced technology companies can have a time and attendance management system which manages attendance of employees with automation, records time, apply leave and track their daily punch in and punch out time. The manager and HR both stay aware and can easily track and analyze the automatic generated reports at fingertips.    Trends will keep on changing with time, but the main thing is how industries adopt changes. Big companies always upgrade themselves with the trend. Because changes bring development and trends are meant for advancing. And this is the Trend of Automation.   Upgrade your business with Technology.