5 challenges faced by manufacturing industry & how industrial automation solves it

Let us first know the challenges and along with each challenge we will know the automation technique which helps in preventing that challenge.   
1) Regulation and Tracking
   Regulation in workflow is an important thing as it is related to the production process. Companies do advanced planning to reduce errors in the actual production process. But it is not enough. There must be regulation of work, efficiency, regulation of timely production completion etc.     Tracking makes things perfect in operation. If you do not notice the issue in machine, then you cannot improve machines for production process. You must keep track of time of issue, nature of issue, part of issue etc. so you can maintain machines better.    To curb this challenge, the Production Monitoring system provides the solution. This system tracks real time production data and along with that it also generates MIS reports for the management to access it in real time and take managerial decision making. Compucare India Limited is the company dealing with this system and their software Effy is integrated with the production line to get MIS reports in real time.  
2) Production Development and Innovation
  Day by Day competition in businesses is increasing whether it is a small size business or big business. Every business must be innovative with products or their services. If they do not produce unique products or services, then someone or other will take over the market.    
3) Skill Gap in Manufacturing  
  In the 21st century, technology matters the most. Infact manufacturing industry adopts innovative technologies the most. And on the other hand, many companies use the same practice for manufacturing and this ratio is more than companies who use technology.   Here, companies should focus on one thing, that is the young generation who are ready to work with technology. But the opportunity for them is not much as companies always look for experienced candidates. So, this skill gap needs to be filled by companies.    
4) Environmental Care 
  This is a big issue of most of the manufacturing companies. And it is increasing day by day as new companies are entering in market. This issue starts with the industrialization period in the world where companies use natural resources more than technology. And this practice has been working for decades. Companies had no such accurate system which tracks environmental data.   Technology helps in reducing this issue to some extent but not much.    There are a few practices which are mandatory by the government and to execute that companies would require Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) display board which displays all environmental, health and safety related data on LED board.     Installing such a digital board will not reduce pollution but will help the government in keeping it under control and companies in being aware of its data so if it exceeds beyond set limit, they can take immediate action.   
5) Balance Between Breakdown and Starting Again 
  Breakdown in machines is a frequent problem that every manufacturer faces. But the thing is the gap between breakdown and starting again is too long. And it’s directly affecting the working hours of machines. Because downtime getting more than obvious will impact working hours and production also. So, this issue can be solved through technology.  There is a system called ANDON which is used specially by manufacturers to know breakdown of machine and identify the issue immediately and notify the issue to the concerned person in no time.