What is Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 


The concept of Industry 4.0 is related to the manufacturing industry mainly where machines get automated for production. Industry 4.0 not only improves the efficiency in machinery but also increases efficiency in people. How?, let’s see 


When machines get automatic in their process, then human workers don’t need to spend time on machines like keeping watch on production line, defective products, packaging etc. They can manage their time in other tasks. 


What exactly was the Fourth Industrial Revolution? 

Companies used the advent of the mechanism of steam power and waterpower in the First Industrial Revolution 


Mass production was introduced in the Second Industrial Revolution with the help of electricity. 


Companies got more advanced by using electricity, IT systems, and a little automation in machines in the Third Industrial Revolution. 


And now, Companies have started to connect the cyber system with machines where no human intervention is required, thus making the factories smart and this is the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 


How Industry 4.0 Works? 

There are components in industry 4.0 that make factories smart. Industry 4.0 is not just one concept; it is a concept that started from the first industrial revolution.  


Let’s dig a little deeper! 


The major thing for industries is how factories can be effective in their processes. And in the focus of this point, every manufacturer finds various ways to make it better. In such a way by continuous brainstorming the industrial revolution takes place each decade. 


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is related to digital technology, which makes things better to manage, maintain and measure. Human actions reduce the manufacturing process. Machine to machine communication and the internet of things automatizes the entire system. 


Machines get coded with specific tasks with a unique Identifier, and it gives all required information related production on its own. Information flow gets easier as each machine has a unique identifier.  

Automation brings interconnectivity between processes, communication and technical assistance making it a centralized process. 


In short, the fourth industrial revolution allowed machines to get automated manufacturing for more efficiency.  


How will industry 4.0 change the following things? 


Excuses for work: Machines will not give any excuses for working hours. Such as I need to go to hospital, so I need to leave early today. 


It is not my work, tell someone else: This is a major issue in human operated tasks. The operator can assign different tasks to machines. And machines will not say, “it is not my work, tell someone else. 


Salary first: Machines will work without salary. But yes, it needs maintenance.  


In this salary, only this much work: Machines will keep on working with efficiency 24/7 without asking for monthly salary. It is a one-time investment. 


Increased working hours: as machines will keep doing the work without any error in the production process and will not take any leave, the total working hours will automatically increase. 


Three things will be improved in the manufacturing process 


Communication: communication between operators and engineers, between different departments, between machinery will improve. 

Decision Making: effective communication is the major thing which helps to make effective decisions. And if communication improves then the decision-making process will also improve. 

Production Efficiency: proper communication and decisions makes production efficient.