Truck Calling System

Truck Calling System is easy to install and with it, everything related to the trucks and the cargos can be controlled from a ramp or office space.  If the truck calling system is run properly and efficiently it can be quite beneficial in logistics. The following can be the beneficial aspects of truck calling system:  
  • Save time: With the system in place, the workers of a warehouse can save a lot of time by engaging in proper coordination of loading and unloading the cargo. A pager system is used to inform the status of the waiting trucks. 
  • Overcome language barrier: In truck calling system beep and blink is used, which is an international language for people to understand. With these signals in use, there is less chance of people working in the logistics to misinterpret or misunderstand any commands that have been issued. 
  • Higher safety: The calling system ensures better safety for the workers as they no longer have to rush and run between the yard and the truck to complete the job.
  • Avoid Traffic Jams: By managing the flow of work with the truck calling system, warehouse staff can manage the cargo and eventually congestion of the area and hence the traffic jams.