5 Benefits of applying ISO 50001 at Organization

ISO 50001 – “Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use” is gleaned from the control system model of persistent progress which is already geared toward renowned standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. ISO 50001 facilitates every kind of association to blend energy management into their routine to maximize quality and environmental governance. It Defines necessities regarding determination, execution, keeping up & strengthening the energy management system.

Like all other ISO management system standards, ISO 50001 has also been aimed for implementation by any organization whether it’s in a public sector or it’s in a private sector, regardless organization’s size, activity, or geographical location. ISO 50001 does not set any decided targets for enhancing energy performance, which is left up to the user organization or regulatory authorities. This means that any organization, regardless of its current level of energy performance, can implement ISO 50001 to establish a baseline and improve on it at its rate.

ISO 50001 is founded on four fundamental pillars named Plan – DO – Check – Act.

(1) Plan

The preliminary Stage of applying the standard is to review the framework of establishment, generate an energy regulation, figure out probabilities of damage &
contingency and analyze energy status by bringing together, evaluating, and rendering data of energy. This scrutinization will become fruitful to blaze a trail for Significant Energy Uses (SEUs), energy baseline(s) performance indicators, prospects, aim, and proceedings.

(2) Do
The subsequent stage of practicing an energy management standard is to operate upon the evaluation of energy data to generate new policy regarding energy performance.

(3) Check
A very vital stage of applying energy management standards is to keep under surveillance, estimate, examine, quantify, inspect and carry out energy research regarding actual energy performance against planned objectives and goals and generate reports accordingly.
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(4)  Act

It’s an ultimate stage of standard where you have to perform the job which is driven by top management level to assure constant betterment in the energy management system.

Repeat this P-D-C-A Cycle for continuous improvement in energy management.


5 Benefits of applying ISO 50001 at an Organization

(1) Reduction in Energy Uses & Carbon Footprint

By generating, performing, preserving, and constantly enhancing an energy management system, an institution will be able to grapple with introductory energy-saving possibilities as well as to recognize and lead where, when and how energy is being consumed and identify energy efficiency improvements and reductions. Reduction is not the direct outcome for ISO 50001 but a diminution in energy use will have a straight correlation with an institution’s overall carbon footprint.
(2) Reduction in Cost

Reduction in energy consumption determined through an Energy Management System put forward evincible savings on energy bills, which will minimize the overhead of an organization’s operational cost.
(3) Norm Setting.

While processing for ISO 50001 organizations must have to identify a baseline to act as an indicator of energy performance. By establishing a baseline & setting norms for energy performance, energy efficiency can be calculated over time.
(4) Pre-eminence of Organization

consummating ISO 50001 can furnish considerable reputational advantages by presenting it to an organization’s stakeholders that the organization is completely devoted to administering its energy consumption and hunting for proper ways to enhance the organization’s energy efficiency.
(5) Marketability of Organization

It is an ever-widening trend, that when organizations looking for a supply of goods or any services to the business sector (particularly the Public Sector) accredited systems such as ISO 50001 are required, in order to meet contract procurement award criteria.