May 2022

5 Benefits of applying ISO 50001 at Organization

ISO 50001 – “Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use” is gleaned from the control system model of persistent progress which is already geared toward renowned standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. ISO 50001 facilitates every kind of association to blend energy management into their routine to maximize quality and environmental g

Modern ANDON Solutions in Industry 4.0

The ANDON Solution is instituted by Toyota Production System in order to stop their production line when an abnormality is found on the line regarding maintenance, quality, material, or others, to increase observability and transparency in the process of production.    What do you think of when you hear the word “ANDON”?    Red, Yellow & Green

How can we elaborate on the Attendance Management System

How can we elaborate on the Attendance Management System?   Attendance Management is the most vital job of the HR department in each type of industry whether it’s a manufacturing industry, food industry, textile industry, real estate industry, mining industry, or FMCG. As every company must follow some rules and regulations regarding employment like the

What is Preventive Maintenance Solution for any industry

What is a Traditional Maintenance Strategy?  When we are discussing a traditional maintenance strategy one can define it simply as a reaction when some failure or breakdown happens. The maintenance team will repair machines after an unplanned breakdown occurs. As per the survey, running a piece of equipment to the point of failure could cost […]

Use to count available people in the company / factory

What is HeadCount System at Factory?  HeadCount at the company can be defined as the system working for quantifying the number of employees, contractors, visitors, etc. entering and exiting the company premises so that administration can always get a number of people available at factory premises in real-time.  What is the traditional method for HeadCount?

What is a Pick to Light Solution

What is a Pick to Light Solution?  Pick to Light Solution is a system designed for Order Picking in which operator gets indication for which parts have to be picked and also in which sequence. This system is equipped with a numerical display which can be useful to help the operator to direct him for […]

SDQC display data monitoring System

What is SQDC Display?  SQDC Display is a Data Display Board to show data of 4 factors where S stands for Safety Data, Q Stands for Quality Data, D stands for Delivery Data & C Stands for Cost Data Statics.  Compucare India Private Limited has designed SQDC Display in such a manner where Company’s Safety Data, […]

How to Improve OEE using IDA Method

What is OEE?  OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness which is standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. In very simple words OEE means actual percentage of Total Manufacturing Time which is Productive.  What’s the Formula for measurement of OEE?  OEE is calculated by multiplying the three OEE factors:   Availability, Performance and Q

Digital Parking Guidance System

What is the Digital Parking Guidance System? Digital Parking Guidance System is technology specially designed to provide Real Time Parking Space Availability Information for drivers.   What are Key Components of Digital Parking Guidance System?  Let’s discuss few main components of the Car Parking Guidance System.  Parking Signs   PGS must be def