How to Improve OEE using IDA Method

What is OEE? 

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness which is standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. In very simple words OEE means actual percentage of Total Manufacturing Time which is Productive. 

What’s the Formula for measurement of OEE? 

OEE is calculated by multiplying the three OEE factors:  

Availability, Performance and Quality 

  • Availability

Availability can be defined as Actual time for which machine accurately available for production.  

So, it takes into count all those major to minor time gaps in which machine was stopped and using this parameter you can get analysis of reasons of Machine Stops and get idea of Down Time. 

  • Performance 

Performance can be defined as percentage of Actual Run time for total production count to ideal run time. 

Using this parameter, you can analysis reasons due to which machine/ process takes longer time than ideally required time. 

  • Quality 

Quality can be defined as Total Good Product Produces from Total Product Produced. 

By analysis of this parameter, you can improve the quality of the product, which has led to great customer satisfaction. 

So, Through OEE one can get insight of how to smoothen process to get maximum quality output without any occlusion. 

So, Now the question is How to Improve OEE for Industries? 

So basic requirement for taking corrective steps for OEE Improvement is Accurate Data because When you got exact data in real time you can take right decisions for Improvement and can implement in day-to-day actions.  

This methodology is called IDA (Information – Decision – Action) Method for OEE Improvement. 

Let’s dive into detailed discussion of each Point of IDA Method. 

  • Information 

Information is the foundation pillar for the grand success of IDA Methodology. For making error proof decision accurate information is prerequisite.  

For any Industry Real Time Data Gathering and display it in visual format with storing data history for future reference is the most emerging requirement. Compucare India Private Limited can get you through solutions for your OEE Measuring Requirements. CIPL provides Production Monitoring Solution to measure Performance & Quality Parameters for calculating OEE. By using this, industry gets real time data view of Production Status compared to preceding set Target. While for calculating Availability CIPL provides an effective solution called ANDON Solution. Using CIPL’s ANDON Solution one can keep an eye on real time data of which problem occurred, when problem arise, who solved it and how much time taken to solve that particular problem. So, CIPL’s IIOT solution is the best Industrial Automation Solution worldwide in very affordable rates with great quality & accuracy. 

  • Decision

Decision is following stage of Information. When you get accurate data according to analysis on those data you must take decisions which can improve OEE. Making the right decision is crucial as errors in taking decisions could lead to giant failure in objective.  

Decision examples:  

  • Which changes are required? 
  • How much time would it take to imply?  
  • Who will handle the execution part? 
  • Action

Action is the ultimate stage of the IDA method where you have to implement on earlier decisions taken. Successful execution of generated plan can improve OEE. 

Thus, Successful implementation of IDA cycle is the best way to improve OEE.