Digital Parking Guidance System

What is the Digital Parking Guidance System?

Digital Parking Guidance System is a technology specially designed to provide Real-Time Parking Space Availability Information for drivers. 

 What are the Key Components of a Digital Parking Guidance System? 

Let’s discuss a few main components of the Car Parking Guidance System. 

  • Parking Signs  

PGS must be defined with common understandable Parking Signs so that every driver can take advantage of the Digital Car Parking Guidance System. 

  • Car Detectors  

These are sensors that detect if there is vacant space for parking or not. 

  • LED Light Indicators  

LED Lights are fitted on Parking Space to Indicate whether Parking space is available or not. Generally, Green Light is used to show Parking space availability and Red Light indicates the unavailability of Parking space.   

  • Wireless Controller  

The Wireless Controller is the hub where information on parking space is gathered and passed onto the Parking Space Indicators. 

You can access all these parking data in Real Time through the Access Control System. 

Compucare India Private Limited is providing a Car Parking Guidance System. Let’s discuss its work, benefits, and usefulness. 

How Digital Car Parking Guidance System Works? 

Modern Parking Guidance Technology can guide drivers to find empty parking spaces very fast with minimal effort.  

Let’s dive into the detailed workings of the Digital Parking Guidance System. 

  1. A car is ‘scanned’ when it enters the car park. 
  2.  Parking Availability Display directs the drivers to the open spaces.
  3. Parking Availability Display directs the drivers to the open spaces.  

4. Once the driver parks in available space sensors sense that and turn the green light into a red indicator light to indicate the unavailability of parking space.  

5. Parking Space Indicators are used to highlight where the free spaces are. Green LED shows free space while Red LED shows space is occupied. 

What are the benefits of the Digital Parking Guidance System? 

  • Visible from long distance 
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use 
  • Available space indication 
  • Multi-floor level indication 
  • Supports remote monitoring and alerts 
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity 
  • Reduce parking space finding stress  
  • Very fast for searching available space 

Who must reap the benefits of a Digital Car Parking System? 

  • Industries with Multiple Car Parks 
  • Malls with Multi-Storey Car Parks 
  • Airports 
  • Parking Facility at Railway 
  • Parking Facilities at Bus Stations 
  • Transit Hubs 
  • Large Gyms and Health Clubs 

The Digital Parking Guidance system is an emerging need in this modern era.  Compucare India Private Limited can provide you best Car Parking Guidance System as per your requirement. You can reach us for customization requirements too.