Use to count available people in the company / factory

What is HeadCount System at Factory? 

HeadCount at the company can be defined as the system working for quantifying the number of employees, contractors, visitors, etc. entering and exiting the company premises so that administration can always get a number of people available at factory premises in real-time. 

What is the traditional method for HeadCount? 

The traditional method is keeping records on books like Visitor Book, Attendance Register, etc. On paper entry and the manual count is a very inconvenient method to keep people count at the company as management can’t get those data in real-time. 

What is the Modern Method of HeadCount? 

In the modern method, HeadCount is calculated by using Biometrics, Tripod, Visitor Management Software, Contractor Management Software & Sensors. So that management can track the data of available people on company premises in real-time.  

Compucare India Private Limited is providing such a modern HeadCount solution with the best in market features. 

Compucare’s Head Count System is an intelligent automated system solution used for administrative Independence and a smart tool to analyze the workforce in a Company, Factory, Building, University, etc. A headcount system helps you to identify a count using headcount machines and to display the total number of persons inside the premise in real-time. The headcount system provides the live count for viewing on a dashboard. It also verifies the last access point. It is powered by the latest technologies which detect the number of people moving in and out of any premises and displays live on the dashboard. Headcount system helps to increase security and Independent Administrative. 

According to various industries and based on our experience we have defined HeadCount System into 4 types of solutions. 

1. Non-Identification Based  

     Using Sensors 

2. Identification Based  

     Using Biometric Device, Tripod, and Visitor Management & Contractor Management. 

3. Hybrid Version  

     Using Identification + non-Identification 

4. Manual HeadCount System 

 Here is the list of Features of the Modern HeadCount System: 

 Impeccable Automatic People Counting  

By using HeadCount one can automatically keep track of the number of people Walk in and Walkout from company premises in real-time. These data are automatically displayed on HeadCount Display Board. 

Access Control & Monitoring Enabled 

Easily integrated with our Tempus Attendance Management products as well as access control systems to provide you an edge when it comes to tracking the number of people working at your industrial premise. 

Instant Report Generation 

Detailed reporting can be done to comply with safety audit requirements and also in case of multiple locations/buildings 

Online Data Export Facility 

Knowing the accurate number helps in aiding precautionary measures in case of emergency like evacuating the premises or analyzing the security threat. 

What are the Benefits of Modern HeadCount System? 

  • A live dashboard showcasing the presence of people inside the premises in real-time.  
  • The dashboard also features the number of people occupying each zone and floor of the building premise.  
  • Entrance and exit of people entering the premise are collected and processed in real-time with an access control/Image processing data system. 
  • Real-time analytics & various headcount reports can be generated with different combinations. 
  • A headcount system also helps in regulating compliance with building safety and ensures emergency regulation